Oiro Pena – Kaiju Kaiju (TS Premiere)

Antti Vauhkonen, a creative drummer and well-known composer from Finland, is back with his Oiro Pena jazz collective for their upcoming album, Puna.

Blending together a mix of lo-fi spiritual jazz, experimental, and avant-garde music forms over seven wonderful tracks, the collective put together a brilliant astral, outsider jazz album that is arguably their best work to date.

Like previous releases, the album is built around Vauhkonen’s propulsive drumming and Philip Holm’s upright bass, providing the band with its forward momentum. Oiro Pena is completed by vocalist Merikukka Kiviharju, with Johannes Sarjasto on saxophone/flute and Staffan Södergård on piano.

Having started his career making electronic music called Suomisaundi (Finnish psychedelic trance music). Vauhkonen explains his move from electronic music to avant-garde and spiritual jazz:

“It came from Krautrock first, I started listening to Can, and searched through all the psychedelic German rock bands. There was a lot of jazzier elements there, horns and saxophones, I think it came from there, and then I found Miles Davis and John Coltrane (and) started listening to the early Sun Ra material.”

Reaching new spiritual and experimental heights, we have the first play of the lead cut ‘Kaiju Kaiju’ today. Carried by Kiviharju’s expressive vocals, which sit on top of deep-filled double bass and a percussion-heavy underbelly. Sumptuously triumphant sax notes and gently caressed piano chords complete the composition.

Puna is due for release on August 4th via We Are Busy Bodies.

Puna Tracklist:

1. Puna

2. Joona’s Abs

3. Kaiju Kaiju

4. Mythical Mist

5. Joo Tai

6. Kuinka Kukaan

7. Calamity Caravan

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