Tokyo-born composer and producer Yasuhiko Fukuzono AKA aus shares new album, Everis

Photo by Ryo Mitamura.

With so much new music coming out all the time, it’s easy for albums to be overlooked. That’s why we have our “Between The Cracks” feature, to shed light on some of those great records that might have otherwise slipped under the radar. This album dropped in April, but we were so caught up in the flood of new releases that it almost slipped by unnoticed – we’d been really eager for its release, though!

Everisā€™ is the new album by Tokyo-born composer and producer Yasuhiko Fukuzono aka aus. The album offers ten distinct tracks that showcase a wide range of musical genres, including spiritual jazz, neoclassical, indie, folk and pop. Each track is skillfully infused with its own distinctive electronic touch.

Intimate field recordings, cinematic strings, and electronica are interwoven into the music, ranging from quiet to powerful. Across the album, you’ll hear piano, strings, clarinet, flute, voice, electronics and fragments that capture everyday vibrations. Fukuzono’s compositions are intricate and expansive, taking the listener on a journey through a range of emotions.

After experiencing a devastating burglary at his home, studio, and label headquarters, aus lost all of his completed and work-in-progress music. In response, he decided to create something completely new, free from his computer’s limitations and inspired by his own inner sanctum.

‘Everis’ concoction of sonic textures illustrates lost memories, unforgotten events, and mental archives interpreted through sound. It is an album that rewards multiple listens, allowing the listener to explore each track and discover the hidden depths.

” I wanted to show that lost memories exist everywhere, without themselves, and are connected to the present. Like a Ekaki Uta [a Japanese drawing song] I wanted to convey the image of a circle in which all memories overlap.”


The two vocal tracks are the album’s highlights. The vocals from Japanese singer-songwriter Gutevolk and Melbourneā€™s Grand Salvo have an emotive power that captivates the listener, and the lush production creates a sonic atmosphere that envelops the listener in the music. Both artists’ distinct styles and emotions reinforce the album’s overall narrative.

Overall, ‘Everis’ is a testament to the power of resilience in the face of adversity.




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