Liquid Saloon unveil upcoming album, Took A Second

Liquid Saloon has released a new song. The track transforms a killer riff into an explosion of sound that you will remember for a long time. At the heart of Liquid Saloon is trumpeter Sefi Zisling, percussionist Amir Bresler and keyboardist Nomok, all of whom balance multiple projects and solo careers. Roi Avivi and Elyasaf Bashari round out the lineup on guitar and bass, respectively. All five musicians are extremely talented.

Keep an eye out for their upcoming album ‘Took A Second’, out June 17th via the always impressive Raw Tapes. Pre-order the digital download here.

On Took a Second, our second Liquid Saloon release, you’ll hear the collective expanding outwards in every direction: the grooves are deeper, the rhythms more complex, the sounds more kaleidoscopic.

Raw Tapes
Benny Toms

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