Video: Fazer – Zugzwang

With a blend of jazz-infused grooves, experimental pop melodies, and afrobeat-inspired rhythms, the Munich-based five-piece makes their return. Fazer is a collaboration connecting five artists from different musical backgrounds. The group is composed of Matthias Lindermayr on trumpet, Paul Brändle on guitar, Martin Brugger on bass, with Simon Popp and Sebastian Wolfgruber on drums. Unfettered improvisation drives everything they do, as songs evolve from stunning compositions for bass, drums, and guitar, to segments of wandering trumpet.

Songs bursting with original sounds and possibilities that transcend the cliches of both jazz and pop music to create something entirely different. Their new track Zugzwang is a good case in point. Watch the Johannes Brugger directed video below. You can pick up the digital download here.

Leizel Sabando

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