Video: Buttering Trio – Come Hither

The second single from Buttering Trio‘s upcoming album, ‘Foursome’, captures the excitement of discovering a new lover. ‘Come Hither’ is a song about passion and love. “I’ve never made love before I made love with you”, sings KerenDun. With a hypnotic groove, everything falls into place – Beno’s bass drives itself deep, Rejoicer’s sequencer flutters gently yet relentlessly, and Bresler provides the oh-so-steady beat.

It’s a great prelude to ‘Foursome’, the Trio’s best yet expression of their rhythmic, sensual, and experimental sound. Take a look at the Ben Kirschenbaum directed clip above. Pick up the record/vinyl or digital album from Bandcamp.

Benny Toms

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