Album: Hania Rani – Ghost

Hania Rani’s haunting new album ‘Ghosts’ invites listeners into an ethereal realm where music echoes the depths of the soul. Released with the ever-excellent Gondwana Records, ‘Ghosts’ is Rani’s most ambitious work yet, a 13-track journey showcasing her artistic evolution.

From the gentle opening embrace of ‘Oltre Terra’ to the ever-changing, twisting soundscapes of ‘Komeda’, Rani weaves intricate melodies into a profound emotion and revelation narrative. The bouncy ‘Hello’ flits about fittingly for a tale about feeling a bit uneven and restless during the night, while ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ features the hypnotic tape loops of Duncan Bellamy (Portico Quartet) along with gentle piano notes, soft electronica, and Rani’s dreamy tones. It’s a perfect blend of classical and contemporary styles.

Collaborations with Ólafur Arnalds on ‘Whispering House’ and Patrick Watson on ‘Dancing with Ghosts’ transport listeners to a surreal space where the physical and spiritual converge.

Rani’s piano is the thread that binds each track, its delicate notes echoing ephemeral moments and eternal memories. ‘A Day in Never’ and ‘The Boat’ are sonic journeys through stormy seas and tranquil waters, reflecting the complexity and harmony of life itself. The hauntingly honed ‘Moans’ invites reflection amidst the rhythmic flow of the album.

From start to finish, ‘Ghosts’ is a masterpiece that showcases Rani’s unparalleled ability to weave emotion and imagery through music. Each track is a unique world unto itself, coming together to form an intricately crafted narrative. ‘Ghosts’ is not just an album but a spellbinding work of art, echoing in the deepest recesses of the soul long after the final notes of ‘Nostalgia’ fade into silence.

Irfan Ayaan

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