Twistedsoul on Blue-In-Green:RADIO 09.11.23

We are excited to share our latest show for Blue-In-Green:RADIO. With music that covers many genres, we feature tunes from Kamaal Williams, Mike Reed, Twospeak, Kevin Richard Martin, Honour, Delilah Holliday, and many more. We also share two tracks from our Album Of The Week from Yara Asmar, whose second full-length ‘Synth Waltzes and Accordion Laments’ is a musical masterpiece of intimate serenity. A varied hour of music awaits you, so get comfortable and settle in.


1. Kamaal Williams – City Of Gold

2. Mike Reed – Rahsaan In the Serngeti

3. Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids – Re-Memory

4. Joseph Shabason – Jamie Thomas

5. Twospeak – For Henry Moore (Reclining Figure 1984)

6. The Stance Brothers – Again

7. Bex Burch – Fruit smoothie with peanut butter

8. Carlos Niño & Friends – Transcendental Bounce, Run to it 

9. Jeremiah Chiu – In Electric Time

10. Kirk Barley – Lake Of Gold

Album Of The Week

11. Yara Asmar – objects lost in drawers (found again at the most inconvenient times)

12. Yara Asmar – it is 5.00pm and nothing bad has happened to us (yet)

13. Kevin Richard Martin – Loveless

14. Honour – Seven Trumpets 

15. Delilah Holliday – Travelled

16. Tara Clerkin Trio – Brigstow

CF Smith

Permeating your ears with good music.

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