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Chicago producer/composer Will Miller has been behind the scenes for years, crafting productions for some of hip hop and R&B’s biggest names. Now Miller returns with his project Resavoir for their second self-titled album.

He’s also a member of indie rock darlings Whitney and has already proven his considerable talent for having an ear for catchy and emotive songs. On ‘Resavoir,’ Miller combines his knack for melody with a kaleidoscope of styles, from the cosmic jazz of ‘Robot Dreams’ to the dreamy piano-driven closer ‘Facets.’ For an artist known for amplifying the talents of others, ‘Resavoir’ is a welcome chance for Miller to showcase the depths of his own artistry.

As we said at the start, Miller’s production skills have seen him work with the likes of Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne, and SZA. Now, with Resavoir, Miller steps into the spotlight as the primary songwriter and visionary. Teaming up with Elton Aura, Whitney, Akenya, Matt Gold, Eddie Burns, Lane Beckstrom, Jeremy Cunningham, and more. Miller has created an album that is atmospheric yet intricate, chill yet complex.

Resavoir is an album that rewards close listening as it slowly unfurls its layers of hazy synths, fluttering woodwinds, sweeping violins, head-nodding beats, and so much more. But these songs also have a way of slipping into your subconscious as Miller and his talented ensemble settle into a trance-like groove. With Resavoir, Miller and company have crafted a record that sounds both fresh and familiar, taking the listener on a journey to somewhere they’ve never been before but instantly want to return to.

The opening track, “Heavenly”, sets the mellow mood for the rest of the album. The gentle jazz instrumentation featuring trumpet, piano, and flute creates a light and airy feel. The melodic piano chords are reminiscent of a lullaby and evoke a sense of peace. Overall, “Heavenly” is the perfect opener, easing the listener into the dreamy soundscape of the album.

The second track, “Inside Minds”, picks up the pace slightly with a Bossanova-inspired beat, soft piano notes, serene double bass, delicate percussion and gentle nylon guitar lines. The guitar takes centre stage, with intricate rhythmic patterns and riffs. The drum programming, synth pads and keys in the background thicken the sound and fill in the space around the guitar. Towards the end, the beat drops out, highlighting the beautiful guitar melody. “Inside Minds” has a polished, refined quality compared to the lo-fi style of their debut album. The track points to an evolution in the band’s sound and hints at what’s to come.

Recent single ‘Sunday Morning’ eases the listener further in with a mellow R&B vibe. Fluttering flute and trumpet melodies float over a simple drum beat. The hazy, layered vocal chant, “I feel blessed when I’m with you on Sunday morning.” feels like your cosy blanket is wrapped around you as the instrumentation builds with the addition of guitar and synths. A strong start that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Overall, it’s a cohesive album with a consistent light and atmospheric tone. There’s a good balance between upbeat tracks and more experimental abstract tracks. Miller has created a project that draws you in and sticks with you. ‘Resavoir’ is an obsession waiting to happen.

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