Journey with us through Jeremiah Chiu’s new solo album In Electric Time

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Jeremiah Chiu’s latest album, ‘In Electric Time,’ is a journey through sonic landscapes crafted through an impromptu jam session at the Vintage Synthesizer Museum. Channelling the spirit of innovation and improvisation, Chiu blends analog and electronic, fusing tradition and experimentation. The result is a harmonious symphony of sound. Each track has a distant narrative that contributes to the album’s holistic vision.

Lance Hill, the founder and curator of the Vintage Synthesizer Museum in Los Angeles, helped create In Electric Time, an album that finds Chiu exploring the VSM’s vast collection of classic, rare and staple synthesizers.

The 12-track journey opens with ‘Electro Comp 101′, an invitation into Chiu’s world of rhythmic pulses and electronic beats. It’s a prelude, hinting at the melodic stories yet to unfold and serves as an intro to pull the listener into the world of the album.

Gentle waves of synth wash over the listener like the tide coming in on ‘Seawater Swell’. High-pitched melodies float above, reminiscent of seagulls soaring over the sea. The track ebbs and flows, building up layers of synth into an immersive soundscape.


One of the many standouts is ‘For Voices’, where its glitchy beat and trance-like groove give the feeling of being in a darkened club at 4:00 a.m. The pulsing groove creates a hypnotic effect that encourages the listener to get lost in the music. It’s the perfect soundtrack for late nights and early mornings.

A baroque-inspired melody with harpsichord-like synth tones dances over a simple drum beat on ‘Rococco Rondo’. The melody builds in complexity, layering more synth lines on top of each other. The fusion of classical and electronic elements is an interesting combination.

Throughout ‘In Electric Time’, Chiu evokes emotion and imagery with every note. From the ocean swells of ‘Seawater Swell’ to the light, airy pads and tinkling melodies of ‘A Cloud Song’ and the celestial secrets of ‘Transparent Spheres,’ his music paints vivid sonic landscapes. Tracks like ‘For Voices’ and ‘A Cloud Song’ highlight Chiu’s ability to speak to the soul through music.

While each track has a unique narrative, In Electric Time is best experienced as a cohesive whole. The songs flow together, the endings of one song drifting into new beginnings. The album culminates with the title track, reflecting on the intuitive expression of organic electronics that defines the work.

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