Guest Playlist: LILAMORS

LILAMORS, a talented trio hailing from Basel and Berlin, pushes traditional genre classifications with their debut album. The 8-track genre-bending opus is a testament to their unique creativity and sonic prowess.

Led by Slovenian vocalist Ana Čop, the trio is completed by German pianist Thilo Seevers and sound artist Jaka Arh. ‘When I Am Dead, My Dearest’ is a stunning debut and a promising indication of LILAMORS’ exciting musical journey.

Combining elements from various genres, LILAMORS have created a truly captivating and boundary-pushing musical experience. The trio’s experimental approach is evident on tracks like ‘Home’, ‘Slow Traveller’, ‘But Still She Cries’ and the title track. These compositions challenge traditional musical conventions, exploring what can be done with jazz in an electro-acoustic setting.

The playlist traces the roots of the trio’s eclectic influences and inspirations. Covering a range of genres and eras, you’ll hear music from the late master Ryuichi Sakamoto and Norma Winstone to Damian Dalla Torre, Marina Herlop and more.

Listen to the playlist below, which offers a lovely intimate look into the trio’s musical world.

Basel/Berlin-based trio LILAMORS unveil debut single.

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