Discovering Experimental Wonderland With ‘Muito Sol’

To become a ‘master’ of music has somewhat become a paradox. Nowadays, the liberation of musicality has reached astronomical levels, with musicians far and wide exploring their creative takes on the flexible form of art to their heart’s content.

However, from time to time, several exceptions to this unspoken rule have emerged. And masterpieces such as the album Muito Sol, created by Brazilian artist Ricardo Dias Gomes, are just what the doctor ordered.

The 10-track album is a clear-cut example of creativity done ‘masterfully’ with each song telling a tale wrapped within an ecstatic blanket of melodies and rhythms. Capturing the core essence of 21st-century-era contemporary music, Ricardo’s Muito Sol is definitely a musical sensation that delivers from start to finish.

Moreover, the Brazilian flair evident across the album’s different tracks is fully displayed, echoing Ricardo’s pride and cultural synchronisation with his hometown.

The result of Ricardo’s artistry and boldness in traversing the unknown is an unforgettable project that rightfully deserves to be regarded as one of the best albums in Brazil’s modern history.

Serenading listeners with an ambient aura accompanied by gentle melodies, a harsh rock vibe cuts through the songs with razor-sharp riffs and gritty tones that all mix to create an artistic production that embodies the genius of its creator.

The album starts with the title cut that properly introduces listeners to what’s in store for them — a musical fantasy that invokes indescribable feelings — with its riveting blend of musical styles to create an intimate masterpiece. Muito Sol fully introduces Ricardo’s perfect synchronisation with his inner psyche to listeners with its introductory piece.

The most significant appeal of Muito Sol is its ability to surprise listeners with the twists and turns it takes with each and every track. Morrerei Por Isso introduces a more melancholy vibe to the album, with a simple rhythm backing up the ominous vocals, leading up to a saxophone instrumental that quickly escalates into disarray.

Other songs on the record offer similar surprises, such as Com 6 Anos and Não Ver Onde Se Vê, which follow the track’s more ominous and moody element.

Moreover, the signature Brazilian essence of Ricardo’s music is in full display with tracks such as Um Dia and Menos. Transição and Filux showcase the grittier side of the album with its harsher sound.

Invernão Astral psychedelic melodies build up to the epic conclusion of Muito Sol, with its melodies gradually escalating in aggression until it carries over to the finale of the album, Coração Sulamericano, a chaotic symphony of noise and ambience that builds up to a violent crescendo until the climax is reached — after which, silence fills the room.

Muito Sol is an experimental journey from start to finish. The psychedelic identity of Muito Sol, paired with a passionate exploratory rock flavour, reels its listeners for a ride to wonderland — going ever so deeper down the rabbit hole as the album moves from one track to the next.

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