Basel/Berlin-based trio LILAMORS unveil debut single

Here’s a touch of mellow and brooding electro-acoustic ambience to take you into Friday afternoon. Basel/Berlin-based trio LILAMORS is the project of vocalist Ana Čop, pianist Thilo Seevers and sound artist Jaka Arh.

The band’s first single, ‘Home,’ represents the group’s transition from a more traditional jazz background to a more modern aesthetic field as it prepares for its album’s June release.

“This piece really made us feel like we made it HOME and arrived at a new place”.

Ana Čop

With themes of peace and pain, of love, life and death, running through their compositions, Čop’s voice is filled with raw emotion, and this is conveyed perfectly on ‘Home’, as her dreamy vocals, which build and crescendo towards the middle of the track sit nicely above snowflake-like piano playing and electronically enriched sound art.

The trio’s debut album ‘When I Am Dead, My Dearest’ will land on 30th June, so expect to hear more jazz-touched, classically accented, electro-acoustic ambient goodness from LILAMORS in the next few months.

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