‘EABS Meets Jaubi — In Search Of A Better Tomorrow’ Is A Message Of Unity

𝙿𝚑𝚘𝚝𝚘 𝚋𝚢 𝙼𝚒𝚜𝚒𝚊𝚌𝚣𝚢𝚔.

‘EABS Meets Jaubi’ is a collaborative album made between EABS, a jazz band from Poland, and Jaubi, an instrumental quartet from Pakistan. Called ‘In Search Of A Better Tomorrow’, the album is definitely on track to becoming a classic in the underground music community.

The alliance of the two groups paved the way for the creation of a musical unity that has manifested into an album filled with a variety of cultures and traditions that all coalesce into a single form that is both beautiful and unique.

The plans to create EABS Meets Jaubi began way back in 2019. Marek “Latarnik” Pędziwiatr, the pianist for EABS, was invited to the city of Lahore in Pakistan by Jaubi to work on an album called ‘Nafs at Peace’.

Afterwards, another meeting was set in Poland with all of the EABS members involved. The product of this fateful collaboration is none other than ‘In Search Of A Better Tomorrow’.

Released via Astigmatic Records, EABS Meets Jaubi has transcended beyond the simple structures of music across different societies in order to provide an unforgettable experience to its listeners — an experience that perfectly embodies the capabilities of music, which is, to date, still vastly unexplored and untouched.

The joint album is on a standard of its own. Creatively mashing together the distinct intricacies and tones of the respective musicians, the partnership of EABS and Jaubi on this album is a recipe for success that will linger for a long time.

EABS Meets Jaubi can elicit the deepest of emotions from its listeners. Starting with the track ‘Yesterday’, the song is the slow-tempo introduction to an album that will undoubtedly take its listeners for a ride.

Tunes such as Judgment Day and People In Between carry the signature jazzy flavour with their upbeat rhythms and astral melodies. On the other hand, songs on the album, namely ‘Whispers’ and ‘Madhuvanti’, possess the Hindustani identity mixed with contemporary tones, combining for a one-of-a-kind musical journey.

Initially, the album gives off an aura of mystery and anticipation which piques the interest of the curious listener. However, as EABS Meets Jaubi progresses, the musicality of the songs in the album takes it up a notch, ever so gradually, until it reaches its epic conclusion with ‘Sun’.

The last track on the album successfully wraps up the beautiful blending of the different music styles that have united to become a single unit, which is a testament to the power of music to unite.

Despite the thousands of miles separating the two groups, EABS Meets Jaubi is the product of the two musicians agreeing on uniting their musicality in perfect harmony. Their relationship was founded upon mutual respect for each other’s cultures and musical styles. The interaction of the two cultures translated into a successful concept that brings a fresh new take on contemporary music and a message of unity and camaraderie without prejudice or malice.

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