Organic Pulse Ensemble to release new LP on RR Gems Records

We didn’t have to wait long for the latest Organic Pulse Ensemble album. Fresh from the release of ‘A Thousand Hands on 2 Headed Deer’ comes ‘Formative Stages’ via the always-on-point RR Gems Records.

As usual, with recordings by Gustav Horneij, aka Organic Pulse Ensemble, he composed, performed, recorded and mixed the entire project single-handedly, except for the bouzouki you hear on one track. His compositions blend free, modal and spiritual jazz music, emphasising improvisation and exploring new sounds. Each piece is intricately crafted and demonstrates his mastery of the music-making process. It’s easy to forget that one man is responsible for creating these intricate soundscapes.

His sound is singular but with a spiritual kinship and debt owed to the torchbearers of 60s and 70s independent jazz. An organic and deep resonance awaits the listener on ‘Formative Stages’. The music has a certain timelessness and is both stimulating and therapeutic. Lend your ears to the soothing sounds of ‘Finite’; it’s a song that will provide many hours of listening pleasure.

Intellectually unpretentious ‘Formative Stages’ takes the listener on a voyage into an organic and deep resonance. Pleasant melodies evoke a unifying and sensitive response. It shimmers with wonder.



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