Helsinki-based sextet Soft Power return to RR Gems for new album

‘Raw Bites‘ is Soft Power‘s follow-up to their sublime 2020 ‘Brink Of Extinction’ album. The forthcoming album features a mix of robust, psychedelic soundscapes and pulsating grooves. There’s a feeling here that the music rushes forth like a roaring force – an intense and flashing musical journey sure to capture the listener’s attention.

By letting the music take control, they combine kinetic and crispy grooves with mysterious cinematic sonic storytelling, leading to pure expression from pure creative potential. It reflects the band’s growth, maturity, and evolution as musicians.

The album is set to be released on May 21st via the excellent RR Gems Records. It promises to be an exciting new chapter for Soft Power. Fans of the sextet have been eagerly anticipating the upcoming album, and the band has teased two tracks.

Press play and let Soft Power’s music bend your mind.

CF Smith

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