Namian Sidibé – Mangni Diatigui (TS Premiere)

Delicate and blissful music from Malian vocalist Namian Sidibé. ‘Mangni Diatigui’ deftly mixes the sweet melodies of Jules Diabaté’s acoustic guitar that drifts aloft on a breeze of delicate, understated, but expansive vocals. The talented singer explores generational songs and poetry that showcase the power of the sumu tradition to capture and preserve the beauty of Malian culture. With a savvy online presence, Sidibé has gained a devoted fanbase of followers, with her music gaining traction. By leveraging her unique sound and creating a digital presence that is both visually appealing and informative, Sidibé has managed to successfully draw in a global audience. Who couldn’t resist this beautiful blend of the traditional and the modern? It’s a must-listen for anyone with a passing interest in African music. ‘Mangni Diatigui’ is the second track from Sidibé’s upcoming self-titled debut album.

Namian Sidibé Tracklist:

1. Souna
2. Nadjan Ka Fala
3. Garaba Mama
4. Mangni Diatigui
5. Djougouya Mangni
6. Bamanaké
7. Kanou
8. Môgôya

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