Alex Figueria shares first full length album, Mentallogenic

Alex Figueira is a multi-instrumentalist and music fanatic who recorded his album ‘Mentallogenic‘ during a summer filled with natural disasters and an unprecedented heatwave in Europe. The album was recorded in nine days at Heat Too Hot, in Amsterdam, with the entire LP single-handedly created by Figueira himself.

Figueira’s hallucinations of eerie melodies and metallic sounds, coupled with nightmares of winged creatures playing cosmic instruments during tropical storms and acid rains in South American jungles, led him to transmute his hallucinations into music, resulting in an incendiary take on South American and Caribbean music with Latin touches of soul, funk and psychedelia.

With his debut solo album, the multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ shows off his talents to the fullest. Figueira wrote, produced, mixed, and played everything on this record, from the drums to the synths to the guitar and the rest.

The album has received glowing reviews from music tastemakers. Finders Keepers’ Andy Votel describes it as a gaping hole in outernational vinyl collections, and Soundway’s Miles Cleret commends Figueira for his authentic and eccentric approach to music.

From the freaky and twisted opener ‘Blowing Up Gates’ to the infectious groove of “Serious” to the trippy vocoder-laced “La Culebra,” ‘Mentallogenic’ takes listeners on an unexpected and immersive trip. Feel the rhythms and melodies wash over you, taking you on a journey of exploration. Lose yourself in the music and find yourself in the moments that follow. Let ‘Mentallogenic’ take you away.

An album with a strong cinematic feel that defies any classification. Imagine ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ but happening in the hot humid streets of Manaus, deep in the Amazonian tropics. Picture ‘Annihilation’ but with iguanas and monkeys instead of deer and bears. Place yourself in ‘The Abyss’ only this time in fuming cays and reefs of coloured octopi and rainbow fish.

Alex Figueira
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