King Heron – Stasis ft. Andrew Neil Hayes (TS Premiere)

New music from King Heron.

The jazz scene in Bristol is the gift that keeps on giving! We’ve got the first play of the latest King Heron track, ‘Stasis’. It follows last year’s Troika EP and comes complete with a guest appearance from saxophonist Andrew Neil Hayes of Run Logan Run.

The trio consist of Cameron Macdougall, Cerith Evans and Jacob Houghton.

There is a deep connection between the quartet and the Bristol jazz scene, and ‘Stasis’ excitedly reflects that through Hayes’ raucous exploration and King Heron’s sympathetic yet compelling groove.

In speaking about the collaboration, Houghton remarks, “it was a real honour to record with Andrew – he’s a bit of a Bristol legend and someone that I’ve looked up to for a long time. He came in and blew our heads off. Playing with someone of his calibre made everyone raise their game and created a special energy in the room”.

On each listen, ‘Stasis’ unfolds itself enticingly. As little layers reveal themselves, subtle, intricate details emerge. Vibrant yet soothing, this track requires your full attention.

Check out the accompanying live studio video below! Keep up with all things King Heron here.

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