Album: DJ Black Low – Impumelelo

I was heading to work when I heard Impumelelo, the recently released album by DJ Black Low. At that time, I heard “Lovey”. The slow build-up of music was mesmerising, as well as the soothing vocals of Black R, Frego & Khence, who lit up the track. It helped me get through my commute a little more easily.

Through further research, I learned more about the newcomer and his music. Sam Austin Rabede, aka DJ Black Low, is a South African-born and based artist who experiments with amapiano a local-turned-global style of dance music. Impumelelo is his sophomore album; he did an exceptional job with it.

All the tracks have a distinct hint of dreamy smoothness. However, DJ Black Low’s approach is more abstract and often hard-hitting. “Oskido”, “Drive Through”, and “Akulalwa” immediately caught my attention, and his highly addictive rhythms blended perfectly with the array of featured artists.

Music lovers, especially those who enjoy surprising turns, should check out the album. Everyone will get a different experience listening to Impumelelo. An album like Impumelelo (which means Success in Zulu) is an outstanding achievement, as the name implies.

You must check out this talented artist because he brings something completely different to the table.

Twistedsoul Team

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