Joe Woodham releases his first single Spring Tides from his upcoming album Worldwide Weather

Photo by Freddie Willatt.

Joe Woodham produces a gorgeous blend of hazy, looping soundscapes built around warm synths, hypnotic tape loops, cosmiche guitar, ambient washes, field recordings, folk melodies and gentle propulsion and percussive beats. The looping guitars are met with soaring synths over a scattered drum beat to create a lush, warm soundscape on ‘Spring Tides’. It’s a wonderful track. Everything around you is completely absorbed by this deep-listening music. Get ready for more blissful sonics from Woodham. ‘Spring Tides’ is the first track to emerge from his upcoming album Worldwide Weather, his first solo album for None More Records, due on 20th June.

Joe says of making the music on the album :

“I started small by sampling my daughters Casio keyboard into a loop pedal, playing around with reversing and chopping the samples before performing an idea through my pedal board and onto cassette tape. I could then play with the tape speed on the porta-studio, add a companion layer and re-record the line out of the machine back through my pedal board again. Manually riding the reverb and delays, pitch shifting and tweaking gain on the fly. It was cathartic, performing this loop based, ambient type of music live onto cassette.

Worldwide Weather Tracklist:

1. Forecast

2. Neap Gloom

3. In Syzygy

4. Spring Tides

5. Gameplan B

6. Longshore Drift

7. Walrus

8. Overcast

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