Marijus Aleksa – See ft. Yelfris Valdés (TS Premiere)

We haven’t heard from Lithuanian drummer and producer Marijus Aleksa on the solo tip since he dropped his debut solo album ‘Maps’ via YAM Records. It seems like only yesterday, but in reality, it was 2018, and a lot has happened in the world since.

He recently collaborated with fellow countryman Manfredas under their ‘Santaka’ moniker. The duo shaped an uncharted sound across three tracks by connecting with their overlapping musical communities.

Really happy to see the talented Aleksa return and even more delighted to wrap our ears around his forthcoming second solo project titled ‘As They Are’, which is available via Music Info Centre Lithuania and The state51 Conspiracy.

You know this album will be something special, with trumpeter Yelfris Valdés featuring on our favourite cut, ‘See’. Aleksa gets additional support on the album from Nathaniel Facey, Will Fry, Jonathan Harvey, Josiah Woodson, Oli Rockberger and more.

The track is jazzy and smooth, with plenty of hypnotising trumpet lines, shuffling drums and deep bass combined to create a big sound.

You can purchase the new album below if you haven’t done so already.

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