Video: Santaka – 555 (TS Premiere)

Photo by Visvaldas Morkevičius

We’ve got some exciting news. Two of Lithuanian’s key figures in the electronic and jazz scenes, Manfredas and Marijus Aleksa – come together as Santaka.

The duo’s music combines 70’s electronic sounds and jazz albums like Herbie Hancock’s ‘Rain Dance’ or Don Cherry’s ‘Brown Rice’. As the press release describes. “They also cite old records that used recording, editing and sampling techniques like Miles Davis’ ‘Bitches Brew’ and later albums, and Jon Hassel’s records as inspirations.”

The music they create is endlessly fascinating. With tracks that tumble and twist in a way that takes you in unexpected directions. The duo shapes an uncharted sound through their connections with their respective musical communities.

We’ll have to wait until early December to get our hands on Santaka’s EP, but you can watch filmmaker Rudolfas Levulis’ video titled ‘The Shift’ for the lead cut ‘555’ below. Hope you dig it as much as I do!

With the increasing speed of the information flow of our environment, the continuous frame format, differently from the mechanical hands, draws in the audience into the real-time hypnosis experiment.
Particularly long format film, stops the speeded-up time, invites the viewer to rethink the stress created by the constant progress, consumption, and its consequences.”

Rudolfas Levulis

No Rivers Here Tracklisting:

1. No Rivers Here

2. 555

3. Opening Chasms (In Four Parts)

4. No Rivers Here (Radio Edit)

No Rivers Here releases on 9th December on vinyl and digital.

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