Kai Meara – Stealth Ones (TS Premiere)

Kai Meara from London is one of our favourite recently discovered talented beatmakers. His previous effort, ‘Morii’, takes you on a journey that’s best experienced late at night inside your headphones. Alternating between broken grooves, blissful melodies and smooth beat tape sketches, his forthcoming project, ‘Stakik’, is a continuation and evolution of his sonic universe.

His beat making skills are unreal as we take a 25-minute trip guided by ambient soundscapes, spiritual jazz, broken beats and film soundtracks. Kai Meara continues to carve out his sound on ‘Statik’, a compelling LP that invites listeners to zone in and immerse themselves in the music. 

It’s a special day for us today, as we are thrilled to introduce our very favourite cut, ‘Stealth Ones’.

The vibe reminds me of early Al Dobson Jr., but a bit more rough and gritty. One thing is for sure: he knows exactly how to please us! Seriously hypnotic, after hearing this track, you’ll be wishing it was twice as long.

Kia Meara has offered yet another gem, and we can’t wait for you to hear the rest of the album come Friday. 

CF Smith

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