Kai Meara -Swarm (TS Premiere)

Discovering new music is exciting, but finding something that sounds like it’s about to take off is even more so. After releasing two albums last year, ‘Splurge’ and ‘Rheumatic’, Kai Meara is back with his latest musical statement. 

Across six tracks, Meara continues to impress with his refined productions on ‘Morii’.

Over the past few weeks or so, Meara has slowly been revealing the EP’s layers with a slew of deep-soaked soundscapes that journey across hip-hop, soul, and beats with oodles of ambient endeavour. 

Our pick of this impressive bunch is ‘Swarm’. Embracing the outer limits of his production, the mystic track features chimes dancing along with earthy vocals. Take a listen to this perfect balm for easing the pressures of these troubling times. At least for a brief moment.

‘Morii’ is out on 23rd February via XVI Records; pre-order your copy here.

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