Healing Force Project – Adrift In The Stratosphere (TS Premiere)

Our first premiere of the year, and it’s a heavy one. If you follow the site regularly, you’ll already know that when it comes to the work of the Healing Force Project, we’re all over it like sauce on ribs. 

The second chapter in his ‘Drifted Entities (Vol. 2)’ series is incoming, and anyone who enjoyed Vol. 1 will find much to love here. We’re delighted to give you the first play of our favourite track, ‘Adrift In The Stratosphere’. 

Guest Playlist: Healing Force Project

Once again, the track finds HFP moving into new creative territories. The way this ever-changing producer combines intricate jazz structures with hard-hitting and snappy jungle breaks is spectacular. I enjoy how disorienting this track often feels, just like much of the album. It is a must-have if you’re a fan of experimental music, and ‘Adrift In The Stratosphere’ is the cherry on top of the impressive collection.

At points, the album brings to mind Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin’s strange automaton ‘Monkey Drummer’ video, and at others, it recalls the latter’s ‘Drukqs’, only more 70s and wigged out. 

This is outstanding and sounds like nothing else out there at the moment. HFP’s voice remains singular in experimental music. 

Pre-order the album here and catch the cosmic vibration below!

Drifted Entities Vol.2 Tracklist:

A1. Future Space Exploration

A2. Adrift In The Stratosphere

A3. Vehicular Activity

B1. Thinking Outside The Box

B2. It’s Your Brain Food

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