Video: Linda Fredriksson – Neon Light [and the sky was trans]

Linda Fredriksson returns with the video for the single ‘Neon Light [and the sky was trans]’, following the release of their acclaimed debut album Juniper.

According to Linda, “This video feels personal and important to me. ‘Neon Light [and the sky was trans]’ is a new beginning. It’s about letting go of old structures. Leaving old things behind and letting the new in. It’s a transition into my own space. A space where I can be exactly who I am. I wanted this video to be a place without compromises. It felt so important and special to work with the director August Joensalo. To share something queer. We shot three very long days in Helsinki in the beginning of June with a wonderful team”.

Director August Joensalo says:” ‘Neon Light [and the sky was trans]’ is a story of destruction of the old structures and the birth of something new; both within oneself as well as on the remains of the burning city behind”.

The track perfectly captures Fredriksson’s immersive, quiet and introspective sound world.

Grab a copy of Juniper on vinyl, CD and digital download here.

Benny Toms

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