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With so much good music coming through thick and fast, it’s easy for albums to drop online and go overlooked. Each week we select new records from across the musical soundscape that require your attention. So happy listening – and don’t forget to hit the links and support the artists.


Rosie Lowe & Duval Timothy – Son

Here’s a little something you’ll absolutely love… Rosie Lowe and Duval Timothy have released a new collaborative album, titled Son, via Timothy’s Carrying Colour label. Recorded between 2019-2021, the nine-song LP draws inspiration from the pair’s love of choral music and vocal experimentation. Settle down as Lowe and Timothy invite you to experience the life that was going on around them whilst capturing the recording process – so put your earbuds in and turn off the world. Their melodic soundscapes – composed of classical with field recordings, jazz, choral, experimental electronics, and layered vocals- are beautiful and tranquil – what’s not to love?


Ben LaMar Gay – Open Arms To Open Us

Open Arms To Open Us, the new album by jazz visionary Ben LaMar Gay, is his first material since the bits and bobs collection ‘Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun’ from 2018. He perfectly blends jazz, blues, ballads, R&B, raga, nursery rhyme, tropicalia, two-step, hip-hop, and beyond to express his omni-genre “Pan-Americana” style.  Another incredible album released on International Anthem and Nonesuch Records.


Levitation Orchestra – Illusions & Realities

Levitation Orchestra, who impressed us with their debut album Inexpressible Infinity in 2019, deliver a terrific spiritual jazz set. The multi-talented collective led by trumpeter Axel Kaner-Lidstrom and featuring the likes of James Akers on tenor saxophone, Saskia Horton on violin, and Emma Barnaby on cello, so you know the standard is high. ‘Illusions & Realities’ comprises ten tracks, with the stunning ‘Listen to Her’ coming in at an epic 12:10 minutes. A truly incredible piece of work filled with class and passion. Sun Ra Arkestra fans, Alice Coltrane fans, and the new jazz movement fans will appreciate this. Essential


Kuunatic – Gate of Klüna

Japanese three-piece Kuunatic unleashes their debut album, Gate of Klüna. Psychedelia, dynamic vocals, ritualistic drumming, pulsing bass lines, and Japanese folk instrumentation are hallmarks of the Tokyo trio’s sound. Just amazing! I just can’t resist the tribal-psych and diverse global sonics of Kuunatic.


L’Eclair – Confusions

Geneva’s psych sonic explorers L’Éclair are at it again on their fourth album, Confusions. A heady mixture of enlivening grooves and vivid OST-style invention awaits those who have yet to dive into the trove of L’Éclair’s young but divergent discography. Their latest full-length is a sprawling fourteen-track romp through their diverse record collection, presenting their most carefully crafted and detailed release to date. Fifty-five minutes of pure joy!


Rejoicer – Voodoo at Home

We always welcome new music from Tel-Aviv producer Rejoicer. Voodoo at Home was recorded at Stones Throw Studios in Los Angeles and Rejoicer’s studio on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. The ten tracks represent an extension of his work from recent years with the legendary LA label. Written in a few days, it features frequent collaborators Nitai Hershkovits on keys and synths and Amir Bresler on drums, bass guitar, and sitara. Check out the psychedelic, cosmic sounds and cool beats of Rejoicer and friends below. Out on the ever-excellent Raw Tapes.


Linda Fredriksson – Juniper

Let the field recordings of nature, the gentle textures, the soothing atmospherics, and the occasional sharp bursts of Linda Fredriksson’s debut solo album, released by the consistently outstanding We Jazz Records, ease you into the weekend. Across this wonderfully relaxing album, Fredriksson performs with Tuomo Prättälä (of ilmiliekki Quartet) on Rhodes, Moog and piano, Minna Koivisto on modular synth, Moog and OP, Olavi Louhivuori (of Superposition) on drums, and Mikael Saastamoinen (of OK:KO and Superposition) on bass, and Swedish artist Matti Bye on piano. Another winner from We Jazz Records!


Jamael Dean – Primordial Waters

Jamael Dean’s debut album Primordial Waters features ten tracks of jazz music accompanied by a 10-track hip-hop record with beats sampled from the jazz recordings, produced by Dean under the alias “Jasik.”


Dave De Rose & Dan Nicholls – Plants Heal

Six-track offering from long-time collaborators Dave De Rose & Dan Nicholls finds the pair exploring their passion for electronic music. Over two days, the duo immersed themselves in sound spontaneously, without any frame of reference, capturing every step as they experimented with improvisational electronic sounds. Among the album’s standout tracks are ‘arts of living’, ‘hawthorn’, ‘willow’, and the title track. This incredible album is something you need to hear – don’t sleep!


Bremer/McCoy – Natten

Danish duo Bremer/McCoy originated as a reggae band, but gradually as they evolved, they fused jazz, dub, and neo-classical influences into their music. It wasn’t long ago that the duo’s meditative sound caught our attention, but they sealed the deal with their stunning fourth album aptly called Utopia. On their new LP, Natten, which means “the night” in Danish, they recorded the project straight to tape, so they did not have much time to think during the recording process. Natten takes inspiration from the end of the day, that regenerative time when our lives look different under the constellations. This beautiful album is the sonic balm we all need right now in these troubled times, so press play and soak it all in.


First time on vinyl

Muriel Grossmann – Natural Time

Muriel Grossmann – Union

LA Timpa – Equal Amounts Afraid

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