Track By Track Guide: FAST DE – Sight Inside

Photo by Latoya Van Der Meeren.

Dutch composer and bassist Daniël Eskens, aka FAST DE recently released his debut album “Sight Inside”. Having cut his teeth playing in various indie and jazz outfits such as Jo Goes Hunting, Opera Alaska, and Karsu, the album marks his first solo outing after years spent composing and experimenting in his studio.

Bringing together a wide range of influences, from Billy Strayhorn to Soulwax, Bela Bartok to Brian Wilson—Esken’s sound culminates in something that is entirely borderless, bridging glitchy electronic music, avant-jazz, modern psych, and alt-pop. As well as effortlessly blending genres, he also plays with textural dynamics and songwriting concepts.

Below, Eskens explains the inspiration behind each song from the album…


This is a track based on one repetitive pattern and comes from a feeling of playful energy, like a kid jumping around and getting more and more excited. The repetitive pattern evolves as the track continues. It transforms from being a melody into percussion breaks, then turning into a new melody which eventually ends up into a guitar solo. The track celebrates the feeling that if you keep doing what’s close to yourself, hopefully, many beautiful things will come from that.


I made this one on an old organ I used to have, with some very sweet drum samples on it. It’s a melancholic tune, written for warm evenings and long reflective car drives.

Miss Trutti Finally Found Her Gem: 

This track comes from an intense feeling of joyfulness and playfulness. That feeling you could have as a kid running through a forest in autumn and everything feels beautiful and mysterious and you fall on the leaves on the ground and get up and run and fall and run. It’s a musical scream coming from this feeling, and at the same time it’s also a longing to this feeling. A longing because I realise that grown up people have less time to experience this kind of playfulness and joyfulness, as well as the struggle how to express this when life is serious and mature. In other words: more time to do nothing and play please! More time to find gems.

Good to get Lost:

A loop of chords to get lost in. I think it’s good to get lost once in a while. Get lost in the city, get lost in the nature, get lost in your life. It’s part of it and can bring you new perspectives on your day-to-day life.


Welcome to my world of mononucleosis. A very slow tune because I was very slow for 5 years. I suffered from this ‘kissing disease’ between my 23rd and 28th, which was a tough time and this tune is written when I was very tired. It’s slow, but not only sad; you can sometimes also have a good time when you’re very tired.

Sight Inside:

Sight Inside is a track about the process of overthinking something. Every sound is a thought, and they play and communicate with each other as if they’re having a discussion. These sounds all start apart from each other and have their own subdivisions but eventually end up as one organic sound, or one conclusion. I’m trying to show the process of looking at a problem from different angles and having a discussion with yourself. Then getting lost in all these perspectives and eventually ending up thinking you found the answer, but actually, you realize that you know to less to really say something. 

Sight Inside is out now via Bloomer Records – grab a copy HERE.

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