Guest Playlist: Silvan Strauss

Today, Hamburg-based drummer/beatmaker/ composer Silvan Strauss dropped his new single, EYES. It follows his second single, Teeth, which we showcased on the site.

The new offering features South London keys wizard Joe Armon-Jones who brings his immeasurable talent to the party.

“Farhot was working with Joe Armon Jones [Ezra Collective, Nubya Garcia, Mala] at the time and showed him the drum track and Joe developed the harmonic and melodic ideas.” explains Strauss. “And there’s Umberto Echo who added Dub effects and some hand drum action. I thought of incorporating him because he is my connection to reggae and dub music and I hear those influences a lot in Joe’s music.”

The song comes from his upcoming album Facing. The release date is set for November 4th.

To coincide with the release, he’s curated a Guest Playlist for Twistedsoul featuring songs from Cannonball Adderley, MMYYKK, Madlib, Farhot and more. You can check out his words about the playlist below:

Cannonball Adderley – Gumba Gumba

So joyful, burning and experimental. The sax solo sounds really modern for the time it was recorded. And of course, loving the loud percussion section and big band arrangement.


MMYYKK – Science

Trippy and beautiful with a lot of imagination! Bounce is ridiculous! Lots of cool science in this music.


Julian Lage – Auditorium

The harmonies combined with the groove and virtuous solo playing create a very special vibe between melancholia and lighthearted joy. Also, love the subtle movement of the drums. Brushes rock!


agajon, Ninja Kidsoul – Romeo & Juliet

Both these artists have such an inspirational way of playing with rhythm. The bounce of every element seems simple but when you go deeper you see how intricate and masterfully crafted everything flows.


Eddie Harris – Love for sale

A lot of hardbop albums from this era, and this record especially have such a funky and crispy sound. I love the idea of playing songs that a lot of people know and expressing yourself freely within its frame. Everybody does that so amazingly here.


SALOMEA – Holiday Season

Salomea and her great band channel their massive talents so eloquently and smooth. Lots of possibilities paired with cool musical choices and lyrics that have a purpose.


Madlib – Hopprock

I am really feeling it so much every time I hear that beat drop. The dramaturgy plays out as masterfully as everything else on this track.


Terri Lyne Carrington, Social Science, Kassa Overall – Trapped in the American Dream

Terri Lyne Carrington recently was on the Questlove Supreme podcast saying so many inspirational things. Made me think of this intense track and how it took me on a journey with its important lyrics that hurt and make you reflect on this important topic.


Braxton Cook – No Doubt 

So burning. Also, here I got a melancholic vibe from the chords and melody but at the same time wanting to explode and scream. I like that contrast. Also, the sound design is very original and gritty. One of my absolute favourites in the past years.


Kiefer, Luke Titus, Pera Krstajic – Why Not? 

Such a nice move to go from polished and smooth beats to really straightforward ones. Also loving that he performs the track live in a trio set-up, playing his ass off on it while always maintaining his unique feel. I like producers that are also instrumentalists. That’s my vibe 🙂


Farhot – Ashiq Shodam 

Gotta show some love for Farhot. So inspiring to collaborate with him on his label Kabul Fire Records. He is always on a treasure hunt for that one special feel on a record, and it’s amazing how often he comes up with really surprising musical treasures, always representing Afghan culture in its richness!


Twistedsoul Team

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