Spiritmuse Records announces the debut album from Surya Botofasina

The press release for Everyone’s Children by Surya Botofasina states that his “upbringing at the Sai Anantam Ashram in the Southern Californian hills involved daily bhajans (traditional Hindu devotional songs) led by legendary jazz harpist and pianist Alice Coltrane.” 

Once you click on play, the legendary jazz artists’ influence is evident in the lead single ‘Surya Meditation (Reprise)’. Starting with a refrained soft keyboard-led introduction from Botofasina, the track builds towards waves of chimes and jangles of percussion courtesy of Carlos Niño. At the same time, meditative keys continue to float throughout, creating an aural journey through time and space. From the beginning until the end, it’s an ambient jazz track with a breathtaking sound.

Everyone’s Children features musical comrades, including multi-instrumentalist and bandleader Carlos Niño, who also produced the album jazz singer Dwight Trible, vocalist Mia Doi Todd, guitarist Nate Mercereau, saxophonist Pablo Calogero, and drummer Efa Etoroma Jr.

It is easy to lose yourself in Surya Meditation (Reprise)’.

Each piece feels like an inaugural experience in the most spiritually youthful way. Many musicians have many albums – but there is only one first. The Divine energy of a new life is within every second of the music.

Surya Botofasina

Everyone’s Children releases on November 4th on vinyl, CD, and digital download.

Spiritmuse Records.

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