Myele Manzanza – Two Chords & The Truth: David Mrakpor Remix (TS Premiere)

David Mrakpor is simply unstoppable! After releasing the incredible Motherland Journey as part of Blue Lab Beats earlier this year, he recently dropped his second solo single. Now, he’s remixing one of our favourite songs, ‘Two Chords & The Truth’ from Crisis & Opportunity, Vol​.​2 – Peaks album by Myele Manzanza.

Myele Manzanza – Two Chords & The Truth (Soho Radio Vinyl Sessions)

Taking Myele’s track and reconstructing it from scratch, the result is an arrangement that completely flips the original on its head. David creates a grooving, neo-soul song complete with a lush layer of synth pads sitting atop the infectious melodies of Myele’s original, along with Mrakpor’s beautiful vibraphone solo break.

Since we rarely post remixes of songs, you know this one will be special – listen to it below!

“I had the good fortune of meeting Dave Mrakpor when we were billed together at a jam session in
2020 where he was playing bass. Then I end up seeing him on gigs performing on drums, key and
vibraphone and I thought, damn, is there something this guy can’t do? Seriously one of the most
gifted, funkiest, alien savant musicians I’ve ever come across and I’m glad to have gotten this remix from him.”

CF Smith

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