Carlos Niño & Friends’ share new single ft. mantric piano by Thandi Ntuli

Photo by Azul Niño.

Carlos Niño & Friends recently announced a new album, EXTRA PRESENCE. Set for release on Niño’s spiritual home International Anthem, EXTRA PRESENCE will comprise 17 tracks and showcases Niño’s unique, highly developed, self-described “Spiritual, Improvisational, Space Collage” sound.

Tapping deep into his trusted contacts list Niño assembled an incredible group of collaborators including Jamael Dean, Thandi Ntuli, Nate Mercereau, Shabazz Palaces, Deantoni Parks, Sam Gendel, Laraaji, Jamire Williams, and more.

Listen to the aptly named Thandi Piano EDIT (from 080619, with Additions) featuring pianist Thandi Ntuli. Niño and Nate Mercereau add subtle sonic flourishes to Ntuli’s beautiful key cascades and mantric melodies.

Niño says: “This piece has been with me for a few years, since we recorded the Improvisation, that the Edit is based on, in August 2019. I listen to it from time to time and have always wanted to release it. It was added to by Nate Mercereau and finished during the time that I made Actual Presence in March and April 2020. That is why I felt it was fitting to be a part of the EXTRA PRESENCE sequence. I am so stoked to be working with Thandi Ntuli. This piece is the beginning of much more collaboration from us on the way . . . “

You can view the artwork alongside the tracklisting below – Pre-order EXTRA PRESENCE on vinyl, cassette and digital here.

EXTRA PRESENCE Tracklisting:

1. In The Moment (with Devin Daniels, Randy Gloss,
Jamael Dean, and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
2. Explorations 7 (with Devin Daniels, Randy Gloss,
Jamael Dean, and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
3. Actually (with Deantoni Parks, Jamael Dean, and Nate Mercereau)
4. Youwillgetthroughthis, I promise (with Jamael Dean)
5. for the Shapalaceer (with Sam Gendel and Nate Mercereau)
6. Dreamsishappening (Instrumental)
(with Jamael Dean and Sharada)
7. Luis’s Special Shells (with Jamael Dean and Jamire Williams)
8. Jamirelandflight (with Jamire Williams,
Josh Johnson, Jamael Dean, and Nate Mercereau)
9. WaterWavesArrival (with Jesse Peterson)
10. Mushroomeclipse (with Iasos)
11. Youwillgetthroughthis with Koto (with Jesse Peterson)
12. Dreamsishappening (featuring Shabazz Palaces, Jamael Dean and Sharada)
13. Dreamsishappening (Reprise)
14. Luis’s Special Shells (with Jamael Dean) Alternate MIX
15. AmazonianPulse (with Laraaji and Nate Mercereau)
16. Thandi Piano EDIT (from 080619, with additions)
17. Recurrent Reiki Dreams (with Iasos)

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