New Sounds: Nicole Cassandra Smit

There are times when an artist makes us stray from the usual musical tastes that we enjoy at Twistedsoul. However, rest assured, we are not going trap or EDM.

Get to know Nicole Cassandra Smit, a leftfield R&B, soul, and experimental pop artist who strides into our hearts and presents us with two distinct offerings; Sundown and Role Models. As the world gets increasingly cluttered, it’s refreshing to hear something simple but intriguing.

The Edinburgh-based Indonesian-Swedish singer is influenced by her ancestry and writes about the role she plays within her female family and the influence both her mother and grandmother have on her.

Nicole combines her striking tones with an irresistible mix of soul, jazz, blues and alternative rock, which she created alongside co-writers Chris Grieve and Joseph Malik.

Check out the tracks above; as for us, we’re off heading off to listen to Third In Line, her debut album, which releases on July 8th through her imprint Liljekonvalj Records. Pre-order here.

Conceptually, the record is separated into three parts. The first four tracks look back at trauma and previous generations, the following four tracks around her formative years, whilst the final part focuses on transformation, expansion, and dealing with trauma.

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