Brooklyn-based improv duo ANTELOPER announce new album

Photo by Tm Saccenti.

The multi-talented pairing of Jason Nazary and Jaimie Branch has announced the release of a new album under their ANTELOPER moniker. 

The album is titled Pink Dolphin, featuring sound snippets from improvisations recorded by the duo (with engineer Ian Hersey) at Carefree Studios. Jeff Parker contributes his legendary skills in shaping, mixing, and editing the 5-track record.

Ahead of its release on June 17th through International Anthem, ANTELOPER shares the monumental lead track, ‘One Living Genus’. It comes with an accompanying psychedelic video created by Kim Alpert, and you can watch it above. The visual, just like their music, is an extravaganza of colour.

Branch designed the album’s vibtrant artwork, which you can view alongside the tracklist. Pre-order the LP on limited edition aquadelic pink or classic black vinyl here.

Pink Dolphins Tracklist:

  1. Inia
  2. Delfin Rosado
  3. Earthlings
  4. Baby Bota Halloceanation
  5. One Living Genus

 “We’re improvisers first and we’re bringing “moment music” into these other zones of hip hop and electronic music, drum-machine music, sound-system culture… Acoustic musicians sun-kissed by electro-magnetism, flowing out into everything. This is the shit that we want to be playing on big ass systems. Omnivorous, energy space time, mosh pit dance-music. Get it in the subwoofers so you can feel it hit, cuz the music has to begin in the body!” – Jaimie Branch 

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