Chicago based flautist & multi-instrumentalist Em Spel preps debut album The Carillon Towers

Photo by Evan Jenkins.

Our day will end the same way it began. We’re sharing a truly innovative and elating piece of music. We here at Twistedsoul love a bit of experimental folk, which is why this track by Em Spel is a delight to our ears. 

Emma Hospelhorn is the artist behind Em Spel, a project conceived during quarantine 2020. The Chicago-based improviser, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is releasing her debut album, The Carillon Towers

With her new album, she adds a modern twist to traditional folk music. Her richly orchestrated songs are brought to life by a variety of luminaries from Chicago’s experimental and classical music scenes.

Hospelhorn explains the inspiration behind the lead track,  I had been reading Richard Powers’ beautiful book Overstory, and a loop I had been working on made me think of trees slowly growing,” she adds, “I decided to write a song from the perspective of a tree, and to try to develop musical ideas in the song one small element at a time, similar to the way trees “communicate” through their root networks.”

A hypnotic soundscape is created by electronic percussion and gentle flute notes layered with an enchanting vocal, which engulfs the listener and draws them in. Much like trees, this is music that needs space to grow and breathe. It’s a must-listen for fans of Joanna Newsom, Laura Veirs and the like

Order The Carillon Towers here in advance of its 20th May release; check out the cover artwork and tracklisting below.

The Carillon Towers Tracklisting:

1. The Carillon Towers

2. Promises

3. Overstory 

4. Golem

5. Names

6. Devil

7. Sunrise

8. Clear River

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