Alawari mix free improvisation with passages of functional harmony on debut LP

This month, Danish collective Alawari will release their eponymous debut album on April Records, united by a passion for rebellion and freedom of expression.

Classical and jazz music collide as the septet who aim to challenge the listener’s expectations creates a sound all their own while simultaneously drawing upon the multilayered heritages of both genres through rapid-fire, free jazz improvisation juxtaposed with lush classical arrangements.

A few of my favourites from the upcoming release include ‘Sunes Hit’, ‘Stone’, the deliciously distorted ‘Elegi’, as well as the rebel-rousing closing track ‘Revolution’.

Alawari consist of Sune Sunesen Rendtorff (piano), Carlo Janusz Becker Lauritsen (trumpet & flugelhorn), Jonatan Melby Bak (Double Bass) Asger Uttrup Nissen (alto saxophone), Simon Forchhammer (drums), Frederik Engell (Tenor Saxophone), Eigil Pock Steen (Live processing & sampling).

The collective share their new track, ‘Sorg Part 1’. A hypnotic and brooding jazz track featuring trumpets and flugelhorns duelling with tenor saxes against mournful piano notes and crashing drums. Musically balanced and well-produced, this is an excellent modern jazz recording.

Listen to the track below, and look out for the album later this month.

Alawari Tracklisting:





5.Sunes Hit 




9.Sorg Pt. 2 

10.Sorg Pt. 2 


Inspired by the spirit of revolution and ancient war, the ensemble aims to challenge the listener’s expectations through chaotic, free improvised sections of burning expression juxtaposed with passages of functional harmony and composition.

Alawari LP is due for release on 23rd April via April Records. Pre-order from Bandcamp.

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