Nikitch & Kuna Maze announce new LP, Back & Forth

Nikitich & Kuna Maze is composed of Nicolas Morant & Edouard Gilbert. The musical duo released their first full-length album ‘Débuts’ last year, and they are back now with a new album titled ‘Back & Forth’.

The duo look set to deliver another fresh offering as they create an excitingly eclectic blend of jazz-flavours, progressive house, the syncopated beats of broken beat and UK Garage. The pair collaborates with guests for the first time on the forthcoming album, such as Brazilian singer-songwriter Joao Selva, while experimenting with their vocals.

Guest Mix: Nikitich & Kuna Maze

Listen to ‘La Di F…Da’, a song that reflects the duo’s flirtation with house music. With elements of Brazilian samba and brit-funk energy, it combines dub sirens and Nervous Records-esque vocal stabs.

“At the beginning, it was quite weird and new for us, but it definitely added something special to the album. It’s not about delivering a message, but a way of adding playful elements to the grooves of the tracks,” Nicolas explains. “We were listening to a lot of 70s jazz records, where they were singing and improvising melodies without the lyrics. Originally we recorded the vocals to get some initial ideas down on the track, with the plan of adding in other vocalists. But then we started thinking ‘why don’t we keep it like that? It sounds cool actually!'” Edouard adds.

The album arrives on 27th May but until then, enjoy the brand new cut below. Pre-order Back & Forth here.

Back & Forth Tracklisting:

1. Coffee Kingdom
2. Zugzwang
3. 507 Miles High
4. Leezurd
5. Engatinhar feat. João Selva
6. P.P.’s Dream
7. Sauce Brazil
8. Bus de Nuit
9. La Di F… Da
10. En Passant

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