Italian jazz drummer Tommaso Moretti announces new album, Inside Out, featuring Ben Lamar Gay

Photo by Jeff Humbert.

This May, the Italian jazz drummer Tommaso Moretti is releasing a new album called Inside Out.

Among the musicians who recorded the album with Moretti are Ben Dillinger (bass), Edinho Gerber (electric and acoustic guitar), Jake Wark (saxophone), Ben Lamar Gay (cornet) and Natalie Lande (flute). Each instrumentalist recorded their part in the studio separately: starting with the percussive foundation and recording each composition layer individually.

With a sound that travels around the globe, Inside Out fuses Musica Italiana with Chicago and Brazilian jazz.

You can get a glimpse of the album by checking out the video for the lead track, ‘Redefine The Purpose’ above.

With a feel both peaceful and restlessMoretti notes, “the lyrics reflect a common feeling during the first months of the pandemic: a wish that humanity could learn from mistakes and break out the vicious circle of greed.” 

Inside Out is out on May 6th via BACE Records. Pre-order here.

Inside Out Tracklisting:

  1. Italiano In America

2. Redefine The Purpose

3. ESM

4. Edge Of A Decade

5. Taming The Bitterness

6. A Call For Awareness

7. Going Home / Flying Away From Home

8. Era De Maggio

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