Nick Walters – Entropy (TS Premiere)

Musician extraordinaire Nick Walters is almost ready to release his new full-length album, ‘Singularity’, on his D.O.T Records imprint.

NASA and the gravitational singularity served as the inspiration for the album. Walters’s first home studio produced album is built around an audio sample recorded by NASA in space, which is then expertly transmitted back to earth by his virtuoso trumpet and synth work.

Ruby Rushton drummer Tim Carnegie, 22a Music’s Tenderlonious on flute, and Thibaut Remy on guitar contribute to the album.

Our top choice from the album is the meditative closing number ‘Entropy’. The song is distinguished by its beautiful, magical combination of acoustic instruments and electronic sounds.

Speaking about the track Nick explains:

Entropy is a melancholic and atmospheric track built around a mournful piano riff and pensive trumpet melody. The track features the commanding drumming of Tim Carnegie, as well as an audio sample of whistler waves, recorded by the EMFISIS instrument aboard NASA’s Van Allen Probes as they orbited Earth. These are low frequency electromagnetic waves which propagate through the ionosphere, the region of the atmosphere which begins around 30 miles above Earth’s surface.

The inspiration for the track is the scientific concept of entropy, often thought of as the measurement of the amount of randomness or disorder in a system, and central to the second law of thermodynamics which states that entropy will always increase with time. The logical extension of this line of thought is the hypothesis of the heat death of the universe, a state of thermal equilibrium and of universal rest, where stars no longer shine and even atoms end up decaying, leaving nothing but a dilute gas of sub-atomic particles.

Catch the cosmic vibrations above and pre-order the album here!

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