Alabaster dePlume unveils details of new album, GOLD

Photo by Chris Almeida.

Alabaster dePlume has unveiled his new double album, titled GOLD.

The 18-track project follows his 2020 To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1 album.

DePlume recorded the album over two weeks, with sessions held at the legendary Total Refreshment Centre in the summer of 2020.

Every day, he would bring a different set of musicians to the sessions, who would record the same tunes at the same speed without rehearsing beforehand. DePlume created the final record from the results, with contributions from Falle Noike, Sarathy Korwar, Rozi Plain, and Tom Skinner.

Speaking about the recording process, dePlume explains: “They didn’t have enough preparation to be able to hide behind this piece of material or skill. They had to look up and respond to each other, and that’s what we’ve recorded. The method is part of the mission. It wasn’t like school. We had mayhem. We were having fun. That’s the story and the process – and I want to live that way.”

You can watch the video for the lead cut ‘Don’t Forget You’re Precious’ above.

International Anthem will release GOLD on April 1. Grab a copy here.

Gold Tracklisting:

1. A Gente Acaba (Vento Em Rosa)
2. Don’t Forget You’re Precious
3. Fucking Let Them
4. The World Is Mine
5. The Sound Of My Feet On This Earth Is A Song To Your Spirit
6. I’m Gonna Say Seven
7. Do You Know A Human Being When You See One?
8. Visitors YT15B – Jerusalem, Palestine
9. I’m Good At Not Crying
10. Now (Stars Are Lit)
11. Again (feat. Falle Nioke)
12. Mrs Calamari
13. People: What’s The Difference?
14. Visitors XT8B – Oak
15. Who Is A Fool
16. I Will Not Be Safe
17. Visitors YT15 – Krupp Steel Condition Pivot
18. Broken Like
19. Now (Pink Triangle, Blue Valley)

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