Intergalactic jazz meets electronica and bass music on new Nick Walters track, Supernova

‘Supernova’ is the second single taken from Nick Walters‘ forthcoming album ‘Singularity’ on his own D.O.T. Records imprint. ‘Supernova’ is an intergalactic jazz-trip, wielding elements of electronica and bass music, designed to push dance-floors and sound systems to their limits. The track continues with the album’s ‘Space’ theme, taking inspiration from NASA and space exploration. ‘Supernova’ starts with frantic and energetic layers of percussion that build towards an explosion of horn and synth lines, propelled by Tim Carnegie’s dynamic drumming. The track features frenzied flute work from 22a’s Tenderlonious followed by a sublime guitar solo from Thibaut Remy. Check it out below and look out for ‘Singularity’ which is out later this month.

Singularity will be released on 25th February on digital and vinyl.


Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.

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