Album: ‘Not Even Bliss’ by Verushka

‘Not Even Bliss’ marks the release of the new full-length project from vocalist, writer, producer and musician, Verushka.

With nearly six years since Verushka’s debut outing (‘Itch In My Brain’, 2016) was released, the imminent unveiling of ‘Not Even Bliss’ seems poised to take the London-based artist’s music into exciting and new directions.

And while ‘Itch In My Brain’ undeniably boasted a huge amount of high points throughout the album’s nine tracks, the project’s more organic, neo-soul inspired approach now sees itself subject to an enthusiastic reinvention with ‘Not Even Bliss’ striving to fuse a variety of varying styles and genres into the music.

The project finds its perfect co-pilot through the incredible talents of DJ and producer, Alex Klein. With Klein’s own ‘First Relic EP’ released in 2020 and fully immersed within his own brand of melodic techno, it’s a thrill to see these compositions impact Verushka’s music in such positive ways allowing her own bold and innovative vision to benefit from such inspired collaboration. And the results are certainly inspired to say the least. There are tracks that are mesmeric but playful at the same; others are enveloped within these rich and warm, electronica-inspired textures but beautifully juxtaposed alongside lush string arrangements and sublime horns.

The music throughout the album is brought to life by an excellent array of musicians with the core layers comprised of drummer Max Lauder, bassist Rami Lakkis and David Mrakpor on keys. At the heart of it all of course is the boundless talents of Verushka herself. Boasting a fantastic vocal that is aided by witty and sincere songwriting, this is a project indicative of an ever-evolving artist keen to embrace opportunities that afford growth and subsequent self-expression.

A further document of that would be Verushka’s YouTube channel which, again, acts as a brilliant display of the many strings available on her proverbial bow. Some excellent live in-studio recordings of ‘Not Even Bliss’ tracks provide some exciting new dimensions to the finished versions but it’s those small little bonuses where the real treats lay – the charming ‘behind the scenes’ and & ‘home studio improv’ videos on offer or the infectious personality exuded on ‘Oh Corona (You…)’. It’s all so effortless to her but the kind of touch that will endear her to impassioned music fans the world over.

‘Not Even Bliss’ may have been some time in the making but it delivers on all fronts – a wonderful reintroduction of sorts to a confident and immeasurably talented artist. If this isn’t bliss, then I don’t know what is.

Imran Mirza

I love discovering something I've never heard before and sharing that feeling with like-minded people who embrace the music in the same way. You're welcome to join me on more of my musical misadventures on Blue-in-Green:RADIO.

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