OHYUNG announces new album, imagine naked!

OHYUNG—the project of Brooklyn-based, Asian American musician and composer Robert Ouyang Rusli (they/them)—today announced imagine naked!, their first album with NNA Tapes will be released on April 22nd. Lead single “symphonies sweeping!” is the extension of a breathless moment, as notes linger and hang in the air between the orchestra’s end and the applause that follows.

OHYUNG’s self-directed video to accompany the track is a personal diary on survival, love, community, and growth. The video is a montage of all the small things that make us who we are. Through collaged shapes and forms, split screens, and overlays, the footage moves between self-portraits and mundane yet emotionally touching moments: a dog running on the sidewalk, karaoke on a Monday evening, and creating art with friends. Watch the video above.

Benny Toms

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