Jacob Gurevitsch patches global sounds on new album Yellow Spaceship

Danish jazz-flamenco guitarist Jacob Gurevistch is releasing a new album, called Yellow Spaceship, via Music For Dreams this January.

A desire to collaborate is at the core of Gurevitsch’s third album, and for this recording, he teams up with the Grammy-nominated singer Buika and Danish chanteuse Alice Carreri.

With cross-cultural influences such as flamenco, bolero, jazz, Italian, and French soundtrack themes, Gurevistch has woven together 10 sublime tracks while displaying his impressive Spanish guitar capabilities.

It follows his 2019 In Search of Lost Time LP, which was also released on Music For Dreams.

It’s hard to pick highlights in such a well-put-together album but the recently shared single ‘La Ville’ is a joy to behold.

Pre-order Yellow Spaceship here in advance of its 28th January release, check out the artwork and tracklisting below.


1. Yellow Spaceship
2. Melancolía
3. Gamla Stan
4. La Ville
5. Song For Sol
6. A Walk To Remember
7. Breathe
8. La Maison Verte
9. Finus

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