Electronic and deep soul-jazz from north Brazilian newcomers D’Agua Negra

Twistedsoul - D'Agua Negra

Get acquainted with D’Agua Negra and their soulful vibrations courtesy of Acopalices (Apocalypse), which is taken from their debut EP Erógena which dropped yesterday via Amplifica Records.

A direct response and expression to the Covid chaos that broke out in the trio’s hometown of Manaus in 2020, the band’s first recording together embodies this idea. The three singers, Clariana Brandão Arruda, Bruno Barrozo Belchior and Melka, initially came together before the awful development of the virus (which was screened around the world), then retreated indoors and had little contact with each other.

Bruno explains, “I opened the pores, undid the knots, painted my face and reinvented myself…I had no time to succumb to the loneliness and desperation”. The track was written by Melka in her apartment, surrounded only by cats and plants. “It was during moments of reflection that I closed my eyes and saw 3 suns. I never imagined that I would be part of this group, but I felt, at that moment, a desire to have more life because one sun alone was not being able, at that time, to supply all the needs,” she says.

A track that swells with all kinds of flourishes, it’s one of those that’ll brighten any day.

You can check out the single above and grab the Erógena EP here.

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