Teeth Agency announces Cherry Blossom Child mixtape

It couldn’t get any better with two brand new Teeth Agency tracks and a spanking new visual.

Their two new singles, ‘You Don’t See Me’ and ‘Lovely Person’, are included in their forthcoming mixtape Cherry Blossom Child, which will be released by Stones Throw next month.

The music and visual duo of Jesse Hackett and Mariano Chavez follow up their brilliant debut album, You Don’t Have To Live In Pain, with a quirky set of experimental folk songs.

Guest Playlist: Teeth Agency

Cherry Blossom Child, as the press release, explains, “emerged under starry Portuguese skies during the summer of 2019. After Jesse’s young daughter Wonder picked up an alien teddy bear in a supermarket and named him Herman, he was inspired to create this curious collection of experimental folk songs.”

‘You Don’t See Me’ video depicts Jesse playing the piano into the cosmos, wearing black rubber gloves and expensive gold jewellery.

Check out the cover artwork and tracklisting below in advance of its 19th November release.


Vol. 1

1. Chainca Blues

2. Pine Shadows

3. You Don’t See Me

4. Static Blue U 

5. Let It Blow Away

6. Panela Mist

7. Flynt Song

8. But The Matter

9. Play My Tambourine

10. Wonder’s Super Pallet 

11. Crocodile 

12. Lovely Person

Vol. 2 

1. Church Of Light

2. Herman’s Waltz

3. Geetar Mang

4. La La La La 

5. Mini Desert Howl 

6. Little Latin No 1

7. Dear Jono 

8. Cloud Heads

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