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London-based multi-instrumentalist, producer Jesse Hackett and Chicago-based multimedia artist Mariano Chavez aka Teeth Agency will release their debut album, You Don’t Have To Live In Pain, on 12th March via Stones Throw.

The 14-track album finds the pair inspired by unconventional music, macabre art and striking artefacts; it features collaborations with Mercury Prize-nominated artist Eska, producer and musician Bullion. You Don’t Have To Live In Pain follows Piano Man Breeds Love EP and their collaboration with an all-star cast of Ugandan musicians for the project ‘Metal Preyers’ on Nyege Nyege Tapes.  

The duo recently shared two new singles, ‘Fazer Folk’ & ‘Many People’, both tracks were accompanied by stunning animated visuals created by Chavez in collaboration with Diamond McNabb.

We’re massive fans of Teeth Agency so it only felt right to ask them to curate a guest playlist for the site and band member Jesse Hackett duly obliged. 

So ahead of their debut LP get a glimpse into the influences and inspirations behind the duo’s genre-pushing sounds which like the music they create moves through a diverse range of moods and settings. 

Without further ado over to Jesse Hackett..

Maurice Ravel – Ma mère l’oye M. 60: l. Pavane of the Sleeping Beauty de la Belle au bois dormant

I learnt how to play this piece of music by Ravel originally written for two piano players. This is the orchestral version, and I love its haunting simplicity. 

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Observatory Crest

One of my favourite Captain Beefheart tracks, and it’s quite easy listening for him. I love his simple mantra type repetitive chorus; it’s such a romantic, spiritual tune… so much feeling!

The Poppy Family – Where Evil Grows

My friend and musical collaborator Bullion put me on to this killer track. I love the instrumentation, lyrics, and weird little skip in the rhythm part the synth is playing. A really clear little gem.

Gina X Performance – No G.D.M

Killer NY style post-punk and electro disco-pop classic, that I used to listen to back of the tour bus a lot with Gorillaz. Love the vocoder chorus and cold female vocals. I still don’t quite understand the lyrics but its great!

Holger Czurky – Ode To Perfume

Great Holger Czurky Can jam. Super stoner voyager with mad organs and vocoder vocals – deep dark and sexy slider music.

Abner Jay – I’m So Depressed

A great song for anyone who’s been suffering the Great Depression, I for one know I have…

Elmore Judd -Evil Laughs

Taken from my second Elmore Judd album released on Honest Jon’s. Again, another sentiment for the times when one is feeling at the point of despair. This tune was meant to capture a kind of Charles Mingus feel, mixed with wailing surf guitars and a sluggish meat grinder bass line blues thing…

Elmore Judd -Staring At The Screen

Well I’m definitely staring at the screen too much these days so this one rings true… taken from our record insect funk on Honest Jon’s.

Blludd Relations – Anything but the Fingers

Unfortunately, written after an incident when my little finger was badly damaged by someone biting it… enough said! 

Bill Evans Trio – Jade Visions Take 1

Favourite Bill Evans record ever. Such dark beauty in this track, it’s haunting and icy, full of feeling, nocturnal and blue.

Pino Palladino + Blake Mills + Sam Gendel – Just Wrong

Cool new stuff from Pino. Loving this new music and the musicians who feature. Blake Mills is a G, and Sam Gendel is a really interesting sax player. It’s up full and optimistic. Much needed and soothing new sounds, subtle and complicated.

Ian Dury – My Old Man

Gotta have a bit of Ian Dury. I’m from North London so he’s heritage for me – makes me feel uplifted and in good spirits. Sick band and just great fun stuff but also deep and heavy.

Hello Skinny – Revolutions Part 1

My friend and long time collaborator Tom Skinner’s stuff. He’s such a heavy drummer and producer – this track is kind of techno, very polyrhythmic and complicated in the beat. Sick off beat shit! Haunting strings and mad bubbling static and motion, well good. BOOM.

Jesse Hackett – Wonder

A light-hearted little song written for my daughter and featured on my record Junk (Stones Throw 2015). It was a kind of blessing, prayer conceived before her birth and to help her voyage smoothly into the big old world from the cosmic zone of her mum’s tummy… reminds me of an 80s kid’s storybook cassette.

Pre-order You Don’t Have To Live In Pain here.


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