Kryptox releasing new Spiritczualic Enhancement Center LP, Carpet Album

Spiritczualic Enhancement Center have shared details of their fourth album, titled Carpet Album.

Making their debut for Kryptox, the record comes two years on from her last full-length project, 2019’s Me And My Students Have Reached Higher Levels.

The 10-track LP, as the press release explains, is “an atmospheric and mystical fusion of synthesizers, self-built electronics, traditional instruments and a sprawling rhythm section.”

The self-styled outernational spectral trance-jazz ensemble has shared three tracks from the soon-to-be-released album, which you can stream below.

Kryptox will release Carpet Album on 29th October. Pre-order here.


1. Going To Wadi Rum
2. Slight Gust Of Wind
3. 360° Of Harmony
4. Sell It To HBO
5. Mortality Management
6. Carpet Inauguration
7. This One Is On You, Adrian
8. My Silence Is Spanish
9. Giving It
10. Persian VHS Dealer (Bonus Track)

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