New Sounds: B-ahwe – Motions EP

Twistedsoul - B-ahwe.

B-ahwe is back with her carefully crafted EP’ Motions’, a project supported by Help Musicians UK’s ‘Do It Differently’ fund that lovingly blends neo-soul, jazz, and alternative hip-hop elements.

‘Motions’ shows her versatility as a vocalist, weaving nods to jazz icons like Ella Fitzgerald among contemporary influences such as Nai Palm, Noname and Ego Ella May. Across the 6-song project, the listener is guided through B-ahwe’s coping process with traumatic events and the anxieties that are relatable to us all as we live and evolve through life. 

B-ahwe explains, “I live in my thoughts most of the time, they often rule me. Music allows me to step outside my head for a moment and release something I didn’t realise I was feeling; make sense of all the noise. Living in my head often leaves me feeling trapped, constantly craving growth, unable to see how far I have actually come because the past and future overshadow the present. ‘Motions’ captures those moments of presence and reflection, where something raw has been revealed and accepted, creating space for growth.” 

Among the musicians who back B-ahwe on ‘Motions’ is her Yaatri bandmate Liam DeTar on guitar, Jasper Green on keys, Patrick Hand on bass and Greg Burns on drums.

Featuring the previously released singles ‘Bewitched’ and ‘Circles’, this wonderfully arranged EP in which B-ahwe’s impeccably lush vocals shine throughout is one you’ll keep coming back to. 

Click play and let the music take you to a beautiful place.

Buy Motions EP from Bandcamp.

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