James Beckwith unveils second album, SE10

James Beckwith returns with the lead single from his forthcoming second album ‘SE10’, which is out on 12th November.

Following up to the intricate and futuristic ‘Celeste’. New cut ‘Muon’ (Part 1)’ pushes his sound into a jazzy direction. Pumping bass lines mingle with wonderous sax, powerful drums and darting trumpet notes layered around Beckwith’s trademark keys-heavy production, all coming together to create a soundscape that sits firmly in the jazz world.

Each listen to ‘Moun (Part 1)’ reveals subtle and intricate production layers that make it exhilarating and mesmerising. Oh, by the way, Part 2 is equally as mindblowing!

“The main focus of the album is to be personal”, Beckwith explains, “the musicians on the tracks are people I’ve known and worked with for years. We recorded the album in my friends recording studio which I’ve been going to time and time again. I even slept in the studio by the piano for 4 days because I really wanted to get into the mindset of the record! Being in charge of this community for 4 days was a special thing that made the sound of this record really work.”

‘SE10’ explores aspects of mental health, “with the album being broken up with a series of ‘meditations’, ambient, slowly building synthesised pieces that reflect the three different celestial bodies which surround us.”

On the album is James Beckwith – (piano/synths/production), Joe Downard (double bass), Harry Pope (drums), Todd Speakman (percussion), Chelsea Carmichael (bass clarinet/tenor sax), Sheila Maurice-Grey (trumpet/flugelhorn), Sam Rapley, (clarinet/tenor sax), Joe Bristow (trombone), and James Copus (flugelhorn).

Press play below. Pre-order the LP here.



1. Descent
2. Tekkers
3. Meditation 1 – Sunrise
5. Floating (feat. James Copus)
6. Meditation 2 – Earthrise
7. Muon (Part 1)
8. Muon (Part 2)
9. Meditation 3 – Moonrise
10. Dreamliner

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